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 Pack Ranks

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PostSubject: Pack Ranks   Wed May 08, 2013 12:43 pm

Pack Ranks
Alphas: Prosper & -----
Betas: ----- & -----

Elders: -----

Elites: -----
Deltas: -----

Warriors: -----
Hunters: Lycaon, Atreill

Hunters: Kavi

Cubs: Zal

Rank Descriptions

Alpha - 2
The leading pair of the pack, the Alphas are in charge of the entire hierarchy and their word is law. A straining job, they are required to attend and be aware of all pack matters.

Beta - 2
The right hand wolves of the Alpha pair, the Betas deal day to day with pack problems when the Alphas are not around.

Elder - Unlimited
Wolves above the age of 8, they are to be respected for their wisdom they offer the pack.

Elite - Unlimited, pending pack population
Superior warriors, they are directly in charge of the pack warrior's and give them direct orders. They are seen as top notch fighters, and are recognized for such.

Delta - Unlimited, pending pack population
Wolves that are more calculating and sly, they are directly in charge of the pack's hunter's, and occasionally the pack's healer's. They are known for their strategy and have excelled at making the pack prosper.

Warrior - Unlimited
Wolves that act as guardians of the pack -- they keep the borders clear of trespassers and are the first to be called upon if war or battle comes about.

Hunter - Unlimited
Wolves in charge of keeping the pack cache's stocked and keeping track of the herds.

Healer - Unlimited
Wolves who hold the art of healing and the knowledge of medicinal plants. The pack caretaker's, they are to aid any injured wolf within the ranks of the pack.

Cub - Unlimited
Wolves under a year old.
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Pack Ranks
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