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 Game Rules

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PostSubject: Game Rules   Wed May 08, 2013 2:13 pm

Game Rules
- Members must create a separate account per character, with the character's first name as the account name.
- We are a realistic wolf role-play -- no strange colors, markings, jewelry, etc.
- Members may only create additional characters with the payment of Pebbles.
- No first person posts, we only accept third person. Example: Bob walked to the den, rather then I walked to the den.
- Do not role-play your character without them being approved first.
- We are liquid time -- this means you can post in more than one thread. However, the den area has a unique rule where wolves create/find their den through one thread, and only role-play in that one thread. Exits, etc must be noted.

- No descriptive mating.
- Mates must have permission to breed from the Alphas.
- Wolves may only take a mate after the age of 2 years.
- Litters will consist of 1 to 4 cubs. Cubs are playable at the age of 3 months (around one season) and should have a role-player by that point, or they are considered dead.

- Use the fight system.
- No godmoding, powerplaying, metaplaying, etc. Your wolf is not all invincible, and they do not know what is happening outside of what they are told ICly.
- Challenges for ranks, mates, etc are acceptable.
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Game Rules
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