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PostSubject: Alpha - Prosper   Alpha -  Prosper EmptyMon Jun 17, 2013 11:13 am

Name: Prosper
Age: 3 Years
Season Birthed: Spring
Gender: Male

A large Timber wolf, Prosper is leaner with muscle while his long limbs are meant for speed. Possessing agility and strength through training rather than brute force, the male has been raised as a warrior.  Cloaked in a pelt of creamy golds and pale browns, sharp bits of black and darker brown form along his neck and chest, also masking his face. His ears are a cinnamon red, as well as the tip of his tail. His eyes are a bright green, fierce in appearance.

Personality: As the male who was overshadowed by his brother throughout his entire life, Prosper has lived life with the soul desire to protect his pack and aide his brother in his fortunes. Upon the loss of his sibling and best friend, the male has taken lead of the pack officially, and while still has much to learn, finds the role comes naturally to him, given his family pride.

Not one to offer respect where it is not deserved, the tawny male finds himself mimicking such a philosophy, hoping to gain the respect of his pack members as much as his father had gained from the previous generations of Shrouded Forest. Proud and boastful in terms of his heritage, Prosper does not fear challenge and rises to meet any opponent who dares threaten his pack. He rules with a gentle heart but strict mind, and hopes to keep the values and traditions of his home intact.

History: Born to Alpha Azarik and Alphess Giona, the fifth generation of Shrouded Forest wolves in a litter of three. As the second born beneath his brother Jazzik, Prosper finds a best friend and confidant within his brother, though remains fiercely protective over his sister, Shae.  The cubs grow to the traditions of Shrouded Forest, and upon the age of one year, enter the adult ranks, spare Shae who disperses from the pack in hopes of seeking out a mate and raising one of her own, despite her youth. Prosper and Jazzik become Warriors, and are trained in the art of fighting and border patrol -- Shrouded Forest with it's bountiful resources are subject to raids and wars from their neighboring packs, and before the youthful males are two years old, they have fought many a battle and come back victorious

Jazzik takes a mate at the age of two, while Prosper finds solace and entitlement in his duties. Shrouded Forest is a pack that strikes fear and respect to outsiders eyes and ears, and the pack flourishes greatly, despite the Alphess being barren and unable to produce more generations of offspring. At the end of their second year, Jazzik is titled the pack Elite.

In the Spring of their third year, Alpha Azarik passes due to his age and an ill-fated wound gained from a hunt. Unwilling to fight his brother for the position, Prosper gains the rank of Elite while Jazzik rises to Alpha. While the promise of Alphess Letura's (Jazzik's mate) unborn litter is anxiously awaited by the pack, an unfortunate attack by a cougar leaves the Alpha's mate as a fatality. Prosper runs the pack as his widowed brother grieves.

Come winter, Jazzik is but a shell of his former self, and as famine strikes the land, the Alpha male passed as well as most o the pack. Shrouded Forest's numbers greatly dwindle, and some members flee. Prosper, unwilling to give up whatw as rightfully his family's, takes the lead as the new Alpha.

Father: Azarik (dead)
Mother: Giona (dead)
Siblings: Jazzik (dead), Shae
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Alpha - Prosper
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