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Warrior Viesa

Warrior Viesa

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PostSubject: Warrior - Viesa   Tue Jun 18, 2013 7:36 pm

Could you change my username as well? I didn't know this rule until after I made my account. Smile

- Name: Viesa
- Age: 4 years
- Season Birthed: Winter
- Gender: Female

- Appearance: Viesa is a common Timber Wolf with a brown and red mottled pelt. Her eyes are a bold, deep amber. She has a large scar at the edge of her muzzle, and whoever approaches her can see it well. She has a sleek, slender build, as well as a small body for her breed and age. 
- Personality: Viesa is a very defensive wolf, unable to let anybody attempt to be her friend. She tends to find that defending yourself and keeping reserved turns out better than trusting everybody. Unfortunately, she does have trust issues, and it takes mountains for her to come out of her shell. However, she is a witty, humorous wolf on the inside. Since she doesn't trust many wolves, she doesn't have the greatest social skills. Her actions may be unreadable and unusual of normal wolf behavior. 
- History: Viesa was born deep in the winter season, and her mother and father had barely survived. Only Viesa and her brother had survived the winter before their father died from starvation. Her mother tried to keep Viesa and her brother alive, but she knew it was no hope. She managed to bring them both to a small, unsuccessful pack. Viesa and her brother aged to about 2 years until a large tornado hit the plains of where they both lived, and they were separated. Viesa traveled as a loner for many years until she came to find the Shrouded Forest.
- Relations: Zolede, her brother. She hasn't seen him in 2 years. Her mother's death is unknown, but her father died of starvation.
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Warrior - Viesa
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