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PostSubject: Hunter - Atreill   Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:26 pm

Name:- Atreill
Age:- 3 years old
Season Birthed:- Summer
Gender:- Female
Appearance:- Black all over with dark grey speckles surrounding the mussel and legs, with a light grey eye on the right and a blue eye on the left. Slender frame that is quiet tall and wide paws for running on marsh lands. Atreill is a Mackenzie Valley Wolf that stands at 34 inches and 59 inches long, and with a weight of 100 pounds. She is large for her breed but not as heavy as they can be.
Personality:- Atreill is quiet dark and suspicious of everyone around her due to her up bring, but has been able to hold back that natural personality long enough to get the trust of the pack. If you catch her on a good day, she'll be chatty and like to keep everyone pleased and happy. But if you find her on a bad day, she'll most likely push you away, ignore you and try to be by herselfAtreill is naturally bossy, a born leader. She likes to keep everything in order and running smoothly, if not she will blame it on herself and go in a huff. She is brave and will go to the front line of attack if need be and risk her life for those she cares about. But when the famine came and was killing all the wolves, she was frightened and scared, watching all her new friends die before her eye's. After though she was determined to help rebuild the pack and to never be scared again.Right now Atreill is finding it difficult to find her feet again with no friends left, she will often be shy when confused and lost.
History:- When Atreill was a pup, she was brought up by her parents along with her two brothers, they were a small pack but that didn't really care to Atreill. Her parents had to supply them 24 hours, meaning g they had to hunt all the time just to kept them happy. Atreill brothers were the first start training and they started on warrior training, but the small she-pup wanted to help her parents in every way, so she picked to tag along with her parents and watch as they hunted.As days went on, the pups grew bigger but her parents grew weaker, until one day there father never returned from a solo hunt. Their mother grew worried and would call for him every night, until it dawned on her that he must of been killed while hunting hunting. This put more strain on the single mother to provide for her pups, but the pressure got too high and one day, when the three pups were begging for food, she simply walked away.With the pups on their own, they turned on each other, by now they were all one years old and fully grown. They would fight each other over carcasses and once her brother thought about eating her. Soon it grew too much and the two brothers joined together to attack their sister. Atreill was facing two warrior and had no chance, so she ran with all her might and was lucky for her two brothers were too exhausted to follow.For a year and a half, the hunter wandered alone, trying trying to provide herself with whatever she could find and one day she ate a bad mushroom and found the next day she couldn't move. That was when she was found by the Shrouded Pack, they took her in and healed her up, teaching her their own moves in fighting and hunting. For once she felt accepted. But it didn't last long, the sickness came and wiped out most of the pack, including all her new friends. That was when she started to push herself to live up to the packs expectation, watching as their new leader raised to power, a new beginningRelations: Mother: unknownFather: DeadTwo brothers:Unknown
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Hunter - Atreill
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