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 Fight System

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PostSubject: Fight System   Tue May 07, 2013 6:18 pm

Fight System

Shrouded Forest has implemented the RPG stats system for the use of a fight system! This system is a good base for all users to abide by and will help keep power playing and godmoding to a limit. Therefore, it is a mandatory system to use in both fights and hunting threads. Please read the information provided below.

Health Points
Health Points (HP) are represented by a bar with a default of 100 points. This number can be raised by trading in Pebbles. HP is the health status of your character -- reaching 0 points means your character is dead, so it is in your best interest to keep this number high.

HP can be lost through various ways: the attack of an animal in a hunt (by one of the Prey accounts), the challenge/fight with a fellow wolf, or a random attack by a predator (by one of the Predator accounts). The number of HP lost is determined by an automated dice roll, which you can read about later in this article.

Attack represents the strength and cunning your wolf has, though every new character begins at 0. Attack can be raised by trading in Pebbles, and is used to determine the strength of an attack by the automated dice roll and how much of the opponents HP is lost.

Defense represents the endurance and ability your wolf has to block attacks. Every character begins with a defense of 0, though by trading in Pebbles, this number can be raised. Defense is used to help protect your character's HP, and might hinder your opponents attack.

The Dice Roll
All dice roll requests should be posted in the Fight System Maintenance thread. From there, Staff will roll the dice for members and maintain the HP lost.

There are two dice to consider: the Attack dice, and the Defense dice. Each dice has a number from 1 to 6 and is completely automated. The Attack dice is used to determine the attack made on an opponent, which is multiplied by the number of their personal Attack stat.

Bob's Stats are:
HP: 100/100
Attack: 5
Defense: 3

Frank's Stats are:
HP: 85/100
Attack: 6
Defense: 1

Bob makes the first attack, and therefore only the 'Attack' dice is rolled. Bob rolls a 3. Bob will then write his attack post in the relevant thread.

Now it is Frank's turn. We have yet to determine how much HP Frank lost, because we need to roll the Defense dice for him. First, the Defense dice is rolled. Frank rolls a 2 in Defense, and a 4 in Attack. This means:

Bob's Attack roll of 3 is multiplied with his Attack stat of 5. 3x5 = 15.
Frank's Defense roll of 2 is multiplied by his Defense stat of 1. 2x1 = 2.

15 - 2 = 13. Frank's HP loses 13 points, and his HP is now 72. This needs to be reflected in Frank's next post that he took a hit.

We now need to roll Bob's Defense and another Attack (if the fight is to continue). Bob rolls a Defense of 6, and an Attack of 1. This means:

Frank's Attack roll of 4 is multiplied by his Attack stat of 6. 4 x 6 = 24.
Bob's Defense roll of 6 is multiplied by his Defense stat of 3. 6 x 3 = 18.

24 - 18 = 6. Bob's HP loses 6 points and his HP is now 94/100.

This will continue until either a wolf submits, flees, or has an HP total of 0.. which means they're dead. Because of this, it is careful not to let your character's HP go too low!

How is this used in hunting?
This system is only used for larger prey -- a single wolf can not take down a deer, etc, so to determine whether your character has a successful large hunt (with more than one wolf) we ask that the Fight System is used. We have a special 'Prey' account for this, and therefore a wolf can only hunt larger game if the Prey account shows up in the thread.

How is this used for fighting?
This system is used primarily for the more serious fights within the game. This usually involves fights for rank, mates or even disagreements, etc. We also have a 'Predator' account that might pop up in threads and try to attack. Friendly spars and training do not require the use of this system.
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Fight System
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