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Healer Kavi

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PostSubject: Healer- Kavi   Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:11 pm

Name: Kavi
Age: 7 years old
Season Birthed: Early Fall
Gender: Male

Appearance: His coat is totally white from nose to tail. His eyes are a dark brown colour which almost seems weird since his fur is so light it almost doesn’t look right that his eyes are dark brown. He’s approximately 100 lbs and 25 inches tall. The only other distinctive markings that he has are the scars, one right beside his left eye only an inch long, another on his right hind leg near his belly which is a paw length long, and a third on his right front shoulder which goes from the top of his shoulder to almost the middle of his chest.
Personality: He is almost always grumpy, complaining about some ailment or another. Catching him on a good day is almost impossible because it seems for him that any day is a bad day. Although he is usually always grumpy he has this air of wisdom and caring to him that all seem to sense when they get to know him. If you get to know him though he is quiet an interesting character.

History: Was born to a pack long since lost and forgotten as it disbanded because of troubles in Kavi’s young life. He doesn’t really remember why. So his parents took him and his other two siblings and became a pack of their own. Late one night when Kavi had gone out for a walk his parents and siblings where attacked by rouge wolves that killed them and eat them for food. Kavi came back just in time to see the rouges leave, he was only a year old but he chased after the rouges and when he found them the leader gave him the scar above his eye in a battle but he wouldn’t kill Kavi. No one knows why. Kavi learning from his mistakes joining many packs after that but he only stayed long enough to learn their fighting ways and then leave. He became strong and was said to be the best fighter in the land. When at the age of 5 he meet a young she wolf in a new pack, not much is known of what really happened between them or who she was but this is known Kavi changed. He and the she wolf together learned the healing arts and Kavi’s heart was healed, for a short time. Rouges came again into Kavi’s life obliterating the pack out of hatred for one of its members. All but Kavi survived but he killed almost singled pawed, all of the rouges and their leader. With blood on his claws and tears in his eyes he howled for the she wolf for months until he moved on. Now he wanders looking for a new pack and a fresh start.

Relations: Mother-Dead, Father-Dead, Two unnamed siblings-Dead
Desired Rank: Healer

Picture: http://th05.deviantart.net/fs70/200H/i/2011/158/5/7/hudson_bay_wolf_21_by_wolfstory-d31ylde.jpg
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Healer- Kavi
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