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 Setting & Timeline

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PostSubject: Setting & Timeline   Tue May 07, 2013 6:43 pm

Set in a fictional land much like North America, Shrouded Forest is known by local wolves as a paradise. Named for the forests that make up most of their pack lands, there is also a neighboring mountain the pack has just laid claim to. Mount Nova harbors a large cliff as well, where the pack members have located their den sites to. With access to a crystalline river, and a wide-spread meadow, the pack holds a prime location with room to grow.

- Spring, Year 01: Elite Prosper has risen to the rank of Alpha after the dwindle of numbers from the winter famine.

Before role-play/site opening
- Come winter, the pack is hit by a terrible famine, and most of its members die, including Alpha Jazzik.
- At the age of three, Elite Jazzik becomes Alpha after Azarik passes. Delta Prosper becomes Elite Prosper.
- The cubs age to one year, joining the ranks. One (the only female) disperses the pack, while the two brothers become pack Warriors.
- Alpha Azarik, the fifth generation Alpha of the pack, and his mate Alphess Giona have a litter of three cubs.
- Shrouded Forest is created generations of wolves before the present. Their legacy lives on by the passing of Alpha title upon the Alpha's heir, and thus far, the pack has remained in the same bloodline.
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Setting & Timeline
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